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Our Horse Hoof Care and Shoeing Services in Ayrshire

Lee Christie Farriers is experienced in all aspects of shoeing and natural hoof care, including corrective and remedial shoeing and liasing with vets where and when required.

As a local Ayrshire business, we offer our services throughout Ayrshire and to extended parts of Lanarkshire and Renfrewshire.

All horses are assessed on an individual basis and shod according to displine (and other factors), including:

* Show Jumping
* Racing
* Dressage
* Polo
* Mounted Games
* Driving
* Farm and Pleasure Horses
* Endurance
* Showing
* Stud Horses/Foals
* Barefoot

We also offer the following products for the Hoof Care of your equine friends:

* Better for Hooves: Created by an Olympic farrier and vets to give your horse the best hoof quality they deserve
* Kevin Bacon’s Hoof Dressing: (100% natural product made from animal fat and laurel leaves, this laurel balm will not only care and protect your horse’s hooves, it will penetrate the horn to nourish the hoof deep down)

For more information on our services and costs please contact us.